Data is the life blood of any modern business

Whether its customer or supplier lists, history of orders or product data, better access to information means better decision making. Gathering your seperate strands of data into one business database allows you to use the modern tools of business inteligence to help promote sales leads, save money and inform product development.

Cloud Computing for your company's budget

All your data is valuable

But it will have limited value sitting on an old filesystem.

Cloud computing for small businesses: The process

  • Gather and centralise all your data into a relational database
  • Inteligently map related data together
  • Make that data available to your business 24/7 from anywhere
  • Share some of that data with customers and suppliers to stengthen your business relationships

By putting your data on the cloud you can offer so much more for your customers

Make use of business intelligence tools to unlock the value in your data. Know how best to use your advertsing budget or find patterns in orders that allow you to anticipate demand. There is no limit to what you can find locked in your data.

Being on the cloud you will have faster and deeper access to customers, suppliers and social media. Marketing campaigns can be truly focused on your target audience.


We can move your data onto a secure and reliable platform


A web based application will then allow connectivity to maintain your company information


Find the value and marketable insights to move your business forward.

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